Mass Torts

Mass Tort Litigation Overview

Mass tort litigation is a critical area of law that addresses scenarios where a single wrongful action impacts many individuals. These cases often involve large groups of plaintiffs seeking justice against one or a few defendants, typically companies or corporations. The nuances of mass tort cases are distinct from other legal actions, such as class action lawsuits, though they are sometimes confused. This blog aims to clarify these distinctions and offer insights into the complex landscape of mass tort litigation. Understanding the dynamics and legal frameworks governing mass torts is essential for anyone involved in or affected by these significant legal battles.

Understanding Mass Tort Litigation

Definition and Scope

Mass tort litigation refers to legal actions where a large group of plaintiffs claims to have suffered harms or losses due to the actions or products of a defendant. This type of litigation typically deals with cases where the harms have arisen out of common issues or causes, such as defective drugs, environmental disasters, or widespread consumer fraud. The scope of mass torts is vast and can encompass a variety of legal categories, including product liability, toxic torts, and large-scale personal injury claims. The objective of mass tort litigation is to streamline the process of handling numerous plaintiffs who are experiencing similar issues against the same defendants, thereby increasing the efficiency of the legal process.

Characteristics of Mass Tort Cases

Mass tort cases typically share several distinct characteristics:

  • Commonality in Claims: Plaintiffs in mass tort cases generally suffer from similar injuries or damages stemmed from a common product or action.
  • High Volume of Claimants: Unlike ordinary lawsuits, mass torts involve large numbers of claimants, which can range from hundreds to thousands, all linked by a common claim.
  • Geographical Diversity: Plaintiffs can come from various geographic locations but are united in their legal pursuit against one or several defendants.
  • Individualized Damages: While the plaintiffs might share common issues, the specific damages or injuries can vary significantly between individuals, often requiring separate assessments.

Contrasting MDL or Multidistrict Litigation and Class Action Lawsuits

The legal process for mass tort litigation often involves consolidating many similar individual cases into a single court to address common procedural issues, such as discovery and admissibility of evidence. This can be facilitated through a process known as multidistrict litigation (MDL). An MDL aims to enhance the efficiency by handling pretrial proceedings for multiple related cases in one district court, which makes handling complex cases with numerous plaintiffs more manageable. After pretrial motions and discovery, cases that are not settled may return to their original jurisdictions for trial.

Class action lawsuits, on the other hand, are another form of collective litigation, yet differ considerably in their structure and legal framework. In a class action, one or several plaintiffs (known as class representatives) file a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group who share similar legal grievances. The key here is that the group, or “class,” must be certified by a court, proving that the claims are so similar that they warrant combined proceedings. In this scenario, all members of the class are treated as a single plaintiff, and the outcome of the case affects all class members.

Key Differences Between Mass Tort and Class Action

When contrasting mass torts with class action lawsuits, several key differences emerge:

  • Representation: In mass torts, each plaintiff retains their individual lawsuit, though they are grouped for specific phases of litigation. In class actions, all members are represented collectively through class representatives.
  • Certification Process: Mass torts do not require a certification process similar to class actions, where the class has to be approved by a court.
  • Outcome and Settlements: Settlements in mass torts are individualized, reflecting the unique aspects of each plaintiff’s claim. Class action settlements, however, are distributed amongst all members of a certified class, following a predetermined formula.
  • Legal Complexity: Mass torts tend to be more complex due to the individualized nature of each case, whereas class actions streamline the process as a single litigation.

By understanding these differences, legal professionals and plaintiffs can better navigate the complexities of collective legal actions.

Notable Mass Tort Cases

Camp Lejeune

Currently, one of the biggest cases in mass tort law is the Camp Lejeune water contamination litigation, which has its roots in a federal law (the CLJA) passed in 2022. To date, there are more than 110,000 administrative claims and over 1,000 civil lawsuits underway. In 2023, an early settlement program was launched for eligible claimants, and the first related trials may occur in 2024. Legal experts forecast substantial settlements in the Camp Lejeune litigation in the coming year, with a potential for billions in settlement payouts.


Roundup litigation

Most of us have heard of the Roundup litigation. Roundup was once a popular gardening product, but its popularity plummeted after scientific studies linked its key ingredient, glyphosate, to cancer. This led to a wave of product liability lawsuits against Roundup resulting in a $10 billion verdict, with over 40,000 claims eventually filed. Despite the potential for a lower payout, Bayer, which tried multiple cases, did not leverage this opportunity and the victims won five out of the last six lawsuits, pushing the expected settlement amounts higher. Elsewhere, pharmaceutical company Merck, faced litigation regarding its pain medication, Vioxx. This was called back in 2004 due to studies revealing an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The many lawsuits that followed eventually led to Merck settling for $4.85 billion, although no liability was admitted.

Finding the Right Firm to Represent You

Mass torts isn’t a concept limited to a handful of people. They affect thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of people.

Finding the right law firm to represent you isn’t easy. There are countless personal injury firms offering mass tort services, but the level of personal attention they provide can differ dramatically. The attorney you trust with your case should have a proven success record with cases similar to yours, be equipped with the necessary resources to be with you every step of the way, and have a distinguished history of successful outcomes.

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