Warehouse Injuries

Warehouse Injuries in Massachusetts

Warehouses and distribution center employees face tremendous dangers. Some of the most common warehouse injuries include:

Back injuries frequently result from lifting heavy objects and/or from falls.

Brain and/or head injuries usually result from some kind of impact, often resulting from falls, falling merchandise, or forklift accidents.

Spinal cord injuries often result from falls or collisions occurring in the warehouse.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a wrongful death that occurred in a warehouse, contacting an experienced, reputable firm such as Rightful Legal to handle your case will increase your chance at obtaining the highest possible settlement award.

At Rightful Legal, we represent hardworking clients throughout Massachusetts in a wide range of warehouse accidents. Rightful Legal has cultivated a successful track record in relation to warehouse injury cases.

There is risk to your health and safety to almost every occupation that exists. However, some jobs are proven more dangerous than others. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the risk of working in a warehouse is significantly higher than the average risk of working an average job. Every year there are more than 12 warehouse injuries that result in fatalities. For every 100 warehouse workers, 5.5 of them will be involved in a workplace injury or illness that results in medical attention.


Statistics are important when trying to justify your need for medical attention after a workplace incident. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the ten most dangerous occupations for personal injury are: Nursing Assistants Heavy/Tractor Trailer Truck Drivers* Freight, Stock and Material Movers* Light Truck Drivers* Construction Workers Maintenance Repair Workers* Stockers and Order Re-fillers* Janitors* Registered Nurses Retail Salespersons *indicate jobs that operate within a warehouse building

Of all 421,400 workplace injuries reported in 2019, 28% were sprains, strains or tears; 14.5% were soreness or pain; 13.3% were cuts, lacerations or puncture wounds.

The most common accidents at warehouses occur due to falling or flying objects, during forklift operations, overexertion during manual lifting/demanding labor or motor vehicle (truck) accidents, and at loading dock sites.


The hard truth about warehouse injuries is that your employer’s insurance company does not want to help you. Do not be surprised if you are met with resistance after your file your claim with the company. They do not want to give you money for the medical bills you are left with after the accident. Sometimes insurance companies go so far as to launch an investigation into the accident to determine who is at fault. Many warehouse injuries are a direct result of lack of training or supervision. In this case, the employer is most certainly at fault. If the investigation concludes that you are partially responsible for the accident, that can seriously deteriorate the compensation you would otherwise be eligible to receive. This is where lines get blurry and legal situations become sticky. Insurance companies are known for offering a settlement to employees in order to avoid taking the issue to court, but just as often they are not afraid to take your case before a judge to be tried. Surely you do not want to find yourself at the end of the day with less than the money you deserve. Legal representation is always recommended for those who are looking for compensation or a lawsuit. Medical bills are expensive – the hospital bill for employees injured on the job averaged around $18,200 in 2019 – and no one should have to bear the physical AND financial pains of a work related injury.

The Injury Law Group

The Injury Law Group is a Massachusetts based law firm that defends clients in personal injury cases. With years of experience in the Massachusetts legal system, they are experienced in the professionalism of the court system and can guide you through the often intense legal proceedings. Be sure that you are knowledgeable about the court process, the judge (or jurors) hearing your case and the normality’s that are expected in a court room by hiring the Injury Law Group to help you win your case.

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